Note that this service is new, and only available in some units.

SCR (England) and ECS (Scotland) stand for Summary Care Record or Emergency Care Summary
Each holds information from your GP records about

Showing GP medicines in PatientView
After piloting in NHS Lothian, this is now available in all Scottish units, but we hope that it will be possible to add it more widely soon.
You have to say 'yes' online to this info being added to your PatientView record, and you can change your mind later. 
We hope it will be useful to help spot mistakes and avoid confusion about what you're supposed to be taking. 

It doesn't show straight away
When you click Yes in PatientView, there may be a day or two of delay before it can be fetched. But once you've said Yes and it has appeared, it should be there each time you log in. 

How up to date is it?
It should be updated 24-48h after any change made by your GP.

I've opted out of having an SCR / ECR
If you have said No to having an SCR or ECS at your GP surgery, we can't show it on PatientView.  You can ask your GP surgery to opt back in though.

From information supporting the PatientView website.  This page created July 2014 and last modified Thur 8 Oct 2015.