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This site has info about PatientView (also known as Renal PatientView or RPV) for Users (Patients) and Developers.

PatientView allows UK patients in certain specialities and locations to look up test results and info about their disease and its treatment.  It began as a Renal (kidney patient) project, and now covers 90% of UK renal units.  More info from and pages here.  In 2012 RPV began some merging with Radar, to allow better care and research into some uncommon diseases. In 2014 other specialties are beginning to use the PatientView system, starting with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and Diabetes. 

PatientView 2 is coming

In early 2015 PatientView 2 will offer better functionality for mobile devices, more interactive functionality, and easy options for other specialties to join at low cost. More about PV2.  

Patients and staff


  • The project management board (Trello) outlines plans and progress.  
  • The Technical page requires a login (ask us) and gives some additional technical info including:
    • Public PGP key for encrypting files to send to RPV
    • Details of how to be added as a trusted RPV data sender
    • Supplier specification for units sending info to RPV
  • The Resources page doesn't have much on it because you can get lots of the info that we would put here at  That is the place to refer anyone who needs initial info about what is behind RPV and how to get local permission to join.  It also has the current XML schema for data transmission and a sample XML file.